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     Boat and RV  Polish and Sealer of Master Formula




Cleaner Gloss of Master formula cleans any painted surface   (regular  paint, fiberglass or clear coat) to a mirror finish. Removes the most severe oxidation and anything out of the paint. It is not abrasive  and it won't scratch.

 Sealer Gloss  is formulated to create a water repellant barrier on surfaces causing the water to roll right off. This barrier reduces water spotting by keeping minerals from sitting on surface. The repellant also adds a mar-resistant coating that minimizes scratches and  helps to protect your boat from oxidation and fading.



Try it for your boat and/or your RV, you will  be amaze!!


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Use Metal Gloss Metal Polish to shine and clean all your metal parts of your boat and Sealer Gloss to protect them.


Cleaner Gloss is excellent for fiber glass and any kind of automotive paint, removes tar, tree sap, water stains and more.

Sealer Gloss is a protecting coating, is water proof, scratch proof resist fire and acid.....nothing is going to stick on your windshields and paint!













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