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Your truck stays polished without a lot of extra work re polishing, which is time consuming. Master Formula Metal Gloss and Sealer Gloss  will give you outstanding long lasting shine performance on aluminum, stainless steel, chrome & plastics on your truck. Works great for fuel tanks, wheels, diamond plate & trim.

Having visibility problems when it rains?....Bugs sticking on your windshield, head lights and grill ? Here is the solution: Before starting a trip, clean easy with Master Formula Metal Polish, apply Sealer Gloss after, let it dry and wipe it off !... Your wipers will work like magic, just wash your truck and remove the bugs easy, just rinsing. Diesel stains will be real easy to clean if your tanks are protected by Sealer Gloss.

If the paint job of your truck looks good, use Sealer Gloss only like wax (remember this is not a wax) If the paint job of your truck looks dull, or has over spray, tar, tree sap etc. Use first Cleaner Polish (learn more) to clean and then the Sealer on top.


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Hey! Go to your garage and take any polish that you have, feel it like as shown in the picture. Feel gritty and oily?. Then switch to Master Formula, not abrasive at all!


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